Lost and Sound

Director/Producer: Lindsey Dryden
Producer: Kat Mansoor
Exec Producer: Tom Roberts
Director of Photography: Peter Emery
Editors: Tim Grabham, Adam Lavis, Wayne Bentley
Edit Consultants: Ben Chanan, Tom Fulford
Story Consultant: Fernanda Rossi
Original Music: Nikky French
Sound Design: Duncan Warrick
Sound Recording: Jeet Thakrar
Associate Producers: Will Hood, Adam LavisFeatured experts: Dr David Eagleman, Philip Ball, Prof Nigel Osborne, Dr Katie Overy, Prof David Huron, Dr Robert Zatorre

Music is one of the greatest of all human experiences; millions of us fall under its spell every day, and it engages more parts of the brain than any other human activity.  But what if you lost the ability to hear it?  Could you find music again… and could music find you?

Lost and Sound is a moving creative documentary, made by a partially deaf filmmaker.  It weaves its way through a startling world of sound and silence, via the ears and brains of three unusual people as they try to re-discover music: a dancer deaf since birth, a young pianist who lost her hearing as a baby, and a music critic facing sudden partial deafness.

Director Bio:
Lindsey Dryden is a partially deaf documentary filmmaker and obsessive music lover from London, UK. She’s worked on documentaries for broadcasters like the BBC, Channel 4 and Current TV, and screened her films at True/False, East End Film Festival, the BFI and others. This is her first feature.